Saturday, June 3, 2023

Power Out @ 6.06km

 Sore and a bit lethargic after yesterdays quarry run I started at Goldstick park and rode the last section of Hustler and then found GoldDigger and continued my westward trek with intensions of crossing Messier (Capilano)  bridge and heading further west after. 

It was the climb out on Low Class and Higher Education that made me decide to tuck my tail deep and run home on the nice and easy paved roads all the while riding a big travel all mountain bike. 

Yes I was that guy today. 

The Altitude performed flawlessly today. No skipping issues on the power climbs… wait a second, I didn't do a lot of power climbs. 

Tomorrow sounds like a titanium hardtail kind of day. Giddy up. 

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