Friday, June 2, 2023

Quarry Me With Drop Bars Baby

The second ride on the Polish wonder bike and I am not crippled. *high fives self. 

It was an exploratory type of ride today as a new bridge is supposed to start construction real soon and I had heard a good chunk of this trail may be in jeopardy for a couple of years which is a bad thing that will result in a good thing so I don't know what to really think. 

New bridge you may ask? Yes, it will link up from the lower quarry golf course across the river to Riverside Nature Trail which will eventually take you all the way to Fort Saskatchewan and beyond. 

An intern fell out of his chair and hit her head after I typed that she was so excited.

The gravel bike still is super fun to ride and I don't think that passion it gives me will ever go away. I glided all the way from the Science Park to the end up top in record Strava time. Yes I sound like I am bragging but believe me that is not the case. 

It's the bike, not me, I am a gross sweaty almost fifty year old fat slob who drinks too much beer. The bike just goes fast and it is super fun. An epic wipeout does await around the corner somewhere and it's probably going to be nasty. It's not that I am riding reckless, I am just too confident on this bike.

A sign along the way warned of the coming closure and to my joyful little heart it was not closed and I could go all the way out and back. I know some people keep going  and some lady rider asked me today about it and I could not give her an answer. Oh how embarrassing. 

Another top notch ride and I hate to keep going on about the new ride but you know what? I'm tickled pink with this new bike kids. 

a shame we will lose this but the end result will be quite kickass

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