Friday, June 30, 2023

The Great GPS Disaster of 2023

Yes I lost yet another GPS and it was a last minute game plan to keep it in my jersey pocket that caused it's fate. My phone was on the same pocket and I can only assume it flew out at one point taking the photos for this blog. Damn you Lonebiker, damn you to hell!

Other than the GPS which was a huge bummer the ride was quite great. A Turner park take off was a bit of a slower pace than the usual but how the hell would I know now? 

sniff sniff… sorry just had to step back to have a little cry.

Thats all I got kids. I'll be pouting about this one for a while.

I rode back and checked here and on the bridge

is it here?

could it be here? 

how abouts-a- right here!

i thought this picture would have different text when i took it
now all i think is 'my poor gps..'


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