Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thoughts on Todays Ride

No I am not middle fingered saluting the new sexy gravel bike, I am giving the finger to the day as I was tired and lethargic most likely brought on by the end of a long week.

Tired and sapped with zero energy I parked at the old school Mill Creek spot and departed slowly into the ravine and crossed the Low level and climbed midway up the ravine to the parking lot for the Convention Center… 

Is it still called the Convention Center or am I embarrassingly showing my age again?

The heat and high humidity did not help one bit and I think was the main reason for my fall. It's that thick July air that I loathe so deeply.. 

I had a come to Jesus moment near the Tawatinâ bridge and declared the ride done. I crossed and very slowly made my way back with my tail tucked and in a bad mood. This isn't how I wanted to start the week off. Bummer dudes and dudettes…bummer. 

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