Monday, August 28, 2023

Beer Friday. Blindman Brewing, 7th Anniversary Belgian Dark Strong Ale

 You see what they did here? Their five year anniversary was in Twenty- Twenty and for having their anniversary in that year they were told to close their doors and hide under a coffee table (or something like that.) Well I for one am quite glad that bullshit is done with. We are still feeling the hits as our local French restaurant which is the only good thing in Beaumont is closing as they claim covid killed them. It was a bit of a shocker when that news came out and this kinda lame town will soon be fully lame again. 

And from an older white Dad, that's the way it should be! Well no I actually strongly disagree. A town should have substance of some sort. We do have Sea Change Brewery so we are cool there.


So the fine folks of Blindman Brewery in Lacombe, Alberta decided to put out their anniversary ale a couple years past their planned release day. This Belgian strong ale comes in at 8.0% so it has a bit of a punch to it so beware before pounding these back kids.

What kind of fool pounds back 8% Belgian dark ales? 

We met in the pouring room and poured this into the great ones beer glass. That's Gretzky, not the lonebiker in case you happen to wonder. It poured a dark brown and was capped off with a veery strong looking three fingered head. The head itself had a root beer float coloured top and provided lacing that sadly only slightly ran down the glass as the rest just dissipated. 

It smelled of dried fruit and had a sweetness to its aura that made this one a bit more special than the rest.You can tell this one is a winner just by a few quick smells and the first taste was a very pleasurable moment in the day. 

Oh man…. that felt really weird typing that last sentence. 

This beer was a delight and the dried fruits and pleasurable malt seemed to work well. It is a hot day and that is the only thing ruining this beer as I always believed dark beers are meant to be enjoyed in the winter dark months. You can tell this is a strong beer but it is toned down enough to make it dangerous and it has a very nice mouthfeel. A great beer to have sitting in the Lonebiker lair underground in the cold basement. 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

 Well here we are bringing back beer Friday after a few absent weeks.  Or so I think..  I feel like it's been a month or so but who know...