Friday, September 22, 2023

3 Crashes but no Funeral

With things getting even more shitty I decided I must have a bike ride to try and appease the Gods. The infamous Jeep I drive died on my daughter (lonebiker Jr) and looks like it could be expensive to repair. This coming after missing a whole set of work due to back issues where we have never financially recovered from the last set of back issues that was had in May. With that and a small number of things happening we are quite certain that some sort of nefarious evil demon has put a hex on me and now things have been super mega fucked. 

This all started in July of Twenty-Twenty when I accidentally killed my daughters bird. A very significant moment in time and things have not been the same since… 

Oh don't believe me when I feed you this bullshit. I do hate the 'oh woe is me' types and I do not want to be that person. Things have been oddly shitty for some reason… from realizing I hang out with sociopaths to my girls going through some rough times with some health issues fucking my shit up.  I think I just am forty seven and the health stuff is just normal. The high thyroid has turned me into a psycho probably for the past two years and now the back is a real issue. 

I have meds for the thyroid and exercises I do for the back with regular massage and steroid injections I should be top notch!

So that being said I fucked my elbow up pretty good on a crash over some logs on the middle Flat Pete trail in Oliskew. 

The ride was a definite top fiver and it was rough. A staff College start took me through Go trail in Terwillegar where the old Rocky came alive immediately on the quick moving singlertrack. The feel of moving through the trees at a high rate of speed on a bike was pretty awesome. 

I crossed and rode the Oliskew trails and rode Clamatory and Purgatory and forgot how much I hate riding Purgatory up. That was the first crash, a too fast of a descent followed by skidding on leaves as I tried to slow down for a quick corner and ended up in the ditch. 

It was minor. 

I rode our and to the top of the houses and thoroughly enjoyed the ride going  the other way. A few stops and starts happened but considering how little singletrack I rode this year I was quite happy with my effort ( I mean, I have a real bad back guys..)  A newish ladder bridge through a tree on Clamatory was super fun and put a big smile on my face. 

I hit the Petes again and got to the second one and remembered a big log crossing that I stopped at going the other way to make a few repairs to it. Remembering the crossing and my stellar repairs I had full confidence I would clear it. 

I didn't and landed hard on my left elbow. A little bit of blood and ripped brand new shorts accompanied the elbow but all I cared about was the elbow. I'm old and things take a while to recover so now I am a little nervous. I stood at the edge off the log crossing and wondered why it betrayed me after I gave it some loving going the other way earlier.

I stretched out the elbow and could still ride despite not having full range of motion where the third crash happened on Log…. ugh.. what's the name of that dumb trail again?

Log Jammer?

Log -a-riffick?

The Log Trail?

Log Em If You Got Em?

Between a Log and a Hard Place?

Now you see… Once again all those are better names than the one they came up with. I really want Lonebiker to be in charge of trail names in the valley. 

Wipe-out number three wasn't bad. A bit of blood on the right elbow and I was back on the trails rolling though and loving life cause bikes are fucking epic. I did start to get tired back in the hills of Terwillegar. The singletrack was ridden with pride all the way back to the Tacoma,

Now I'll sit and wait to hear about the Jeep and nurse my elbow. sigh… 


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