Saturday, September 23, 2023

Recovery in the Land of the Refineries

 And no… I'm not talking about Sherwood Park or northeast Edmonton. This was in Fort Saskatchewan. Another heavily ladened refinery community… of sorts. They at least put theres out of town somewhat. I assume some sort of a blast zone is thought of but it seems the Edmonton one is quite close to Sherwood Park and north Edmonton. And hey I may not know what the hell I am talking about so please do not write angry letters.

I'll tell you what though… as a longtime Albertan tradesman I do salivate when I think of those high paying refinery union jobs… Good Lord, I might be able to afford upgrades to the bikes.  

And you don't have to go up north…

The ride today was a planned recovery one after yesterdays rough one. I had Fort Saskatchewan picked out or Leduc's now all to common Telford Lake. The idiot "must do manly shit" side of me took over and I chose mountain biking in Fort Saskatchewan as it is much more manly than a gravel bike ride in Leduc. 

I mean come on… 

The ride was slow paced and I had some cool moments of gliding through the trees in the Fall air. It was sublime. How many times can I tote on here how awesome bikes are? 

The legs were pure garbage and didn't want to give me anything so I did end up on paved for a little bit. The good news is elbow still hurts but can still ride. Oh yes and the Jeep is top notch too!

Everything's coming up lonebiker!

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