Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A late November Ride on the Gravel Bike

See this right here! Look to your left and this is what I was trying to accomplish the other day with Kent's pigeon killer. I don't know why it was so easy tonight to do what I wanted to do but look at this!

My blog the way I want it! Aww goddamnit thanks Blogger!

*sheds tears…

Oh and look at that picture I got. Now eat shit Kent! 


That just got unnecessarily aggressive. According to my genius daughter its native to the penguin species in a remote Icelandic rainforest. 

She actually never got back to me so I made that up. 

She got back and it was a Downy Woodpecker. 

*sits back and waits for applause…

The ride was decent but not amaze in any sort of way. My legs were not one hundred percent and for the first time that bike felt sluggish and unresponsive but I think it was just my vibe. A few out of the saddle moments happened including trying to catch some dork on an e-bike on the High Level and something about out of the saddle hammering on that thing that is so invigorating it is unreal. That bike comes alive and its amaze factor is quite freakin high. 

The route was up top of the End of the World area and east staying up high and descending down (ugh… now I gotta go look this up) Scona Road and crossed the beautiful Tawatinâ bridge and kept the eastward push going until I ran into an area where some stupid shitty hard climbs await thee who want to ascend into the city, the area was Dawson park and I decided to take the ravine me and Kent rode last Sunday and climb out from there. 

Now I was at Commonwealth and took the sad state of affairs that is the LRT paved trail from the stadium into the city. It seems to be more fucked every time I pass by it. Multiple fires have happened by the looks of things. I did hear some were killed in a tent fire and wondered if it was there where I was just riding by. 

The area had a bad burnt and garbage like odour. I have never seen it this bad. It's quite sad. 

I toured through the bike lanes and found the new route the now open LRT takes and it was quite fabulous! I am sure there are twits on reddit complaining but I like it and thats all that matters. 

I found the High Level to avoid climbing out of the valley where I chased the e bike where he got away quite easily and boy I was quite chapped at the situation. I swear e bikes are creating bike rage. Bike rage never existed until e bikes came along. 

See? go ahead and look it up I will sit and wait. 

Wow. Why am I such a dick today? 

So in the end it was a fine ride that feel could have been a lot better if my legs were more into riding a bike today. My feet ended up freezing so I cut the ride a bit shorter than I intended. 


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