Sunday, November 19, 2023

Falling Pigeons and other Gungudin

Another absolute banger of a ride on one of the most banger days that ever came in November. The insane warmness continues and it was another Kent meet up this time at the old school Mill Creek parking spot. aka the place some guy got whacked cause of drugs. 

A strange thing happened in the opening moments as we rode through Earthshaker when a pigeon fell from the sky and landed right in front of us. I am surprised it didn't hit us to be honest. Kent saw the perpetrator up in a tree which I had planned on having here cause the photo was better than I thought it would be. 

Its annoying cause blogger changed their ways of doing things a bit and I couldn't upload the photo the way I wanted… you know, cause it's my blog.

So yes a Falcon had dropped it's kill right in front of us and was waiting for us to leave up high in the trees. The ironic thing is me and Kent were rubbing each others balls talking how it's nice we didn't end up being Costco guys which a lot of guys our age end up, they live for Costco on the weekend and will spend the rest of the weekend doing chores for the wife and or husband and honestly, just being a bitch. 

Thank you Jesus for bikes. 

Today was incredible. A definite contender for ride of the year yet last night could be in the running too. If the light didn't die off that is… 

Everything tracked incredibly well including my balding ass rear tire which I let go way too long in infamous lonebiker fashion. The route was Mill Creek to the mouth of the beast that is our river and we headed east. A run into some Hardcore bike members. It is funny cause these are people I know and have seen on the trails and talked to through Kent or Jason. They all seem like incredibly cool people that love bikes.

It's a shame I am such a recluse. 

The ride continued with them for a short bit until I took a wrong turn and they sped off in their own direction. We rode up through all the good stuff leading us through Andre's and crossed and took the Higher Education trails up. A new trail I learned of in Kinnaird was quite great and had all the good stuff. Short power climbs and ridge riding with overhead obstructions cleverly marked. 

Everything tracked amazing today and we talked about having a reset button for rides like this. 

the photo i tried installing earlier with the perp of mc

*Kent Steeves photo 1, 2,5 

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