Thursday, November 2, 2023

Cold Feet, Goodbye Jeep


The last shuttle to the ride destination brought to you by the almighty Jeep came to an end today on an unbelievable stroll through God's singletrack on a crisp and cool November Canadian morning. 

*fuck ya canada 

Where else would you want to live? Yes we are boring whites white funny accents but when you look at the going ons of the world I think I am happy right here. I am used to putting up with the cold and not worrying if my house would be blown up to borrow. 

*fuck you russia

The ride was amaze and could be a year top ride. The cool temperatures kept most people away which was top notch and somehow after a full set of work I had great energy and that translated to feelings of bliss as I zipped through the trees on the coolest bike in the world. 

It was bliss. one of the best rides ever. 

It was a bittersweet ending as I drove the jeepers home and thanked it for its fine service. It was ten years of awesome memories for driving this thing and it couldn't go to a better recipient. Lonebiker Junior. So it will still be hanging around which puts a smile on my face as big as this mornings ride did.

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