Friday, November 3, 2023

Beer Friday. Coronado Brewing co. Big Weekend Double IPA

 Sadly no bike ride today on a glorious set of day shift days off for the second set in a row and guess what kids? Its day shift next week too. Wheee! Actually other than the ultra extreme tiredness I would take night shift hands down over day shift. Having to switch between nights and days monthly I am sure is slowly killing me and for a relief it was some safety stuff I am committed to which kept me on days this last week, it also had me at the shop for a few hours which kinds helped ruin the chance of a ride. 

That's why thank God for bikes. I feel it helps to right the ship with a bike ride from time to time immediately after nights if it's possible. .

Todays double India Pale Ale comes from the fine folks at Coronado Brewing located in Coronado, California. Well shit,  I looked it up and I was blown away at how nice of a city it is. This brewery opened in 1996  in this amazing looking beach community which I will most likely not even come close to visiting as it is a beach community. Yes I said it's very nice but still it's just beaches. 

Gimme mountains.

Gimme Cities.

Gimme NFL stadiums. 

Wait…. hold on. Coronado has an aircraft carrier museum which automatically gets my vote for hip and cool. That, despite the beaches… 

The pour went quite great. In fact it went so great that one of the interns passed out from the moment. I know you probably judge when reading these things but its true kids. The beer pour lab is a magical place. 

The magic that was poured today gave a very tempting looking murky and dirty ale. This one reminded me of that dirty tourist girl you meet at a rave at a resort in Mexico. It's going to be fun but make sure you look a doctors appointment afterward… 

At 8.8% this stuff will mess you up more than that girl is. 

Not a real strong smell of hops but I have been plugged up for about the last three months so lets just forget all about the sniff test okay? It had a very pleasurable taste and as per the usual now it had none of the dreaded bitter aftertaste which I really miss. Is this a millennial thing? Did they wipe out the bitter IPA aftertaste from all the breweries!@?

If they did? Those bastards!

But yes it has a very good taste and the high alcohol content is very well hidden which goes hand in hand with no bitterness these days. It goes down fine with a citrus like side to it with grapefruit being one of the players. The heavily hopped beer is very well balanced considering all the hops floral like tasting ingredients that they are putting in here. 

They are doing it just right.  

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

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