Sunday, November 5, 2023

New Digs in the S.K and a Ride with Kent

Insane conditions for us Canadians living in a region where it is not unusual to have snow on the ground now but today felt like early October and not November the fifth. The trails and meet up with an old friend were quite incredible and seemed to track fast. Lots of talk about getting older and the shit we are going through happened.

So in other news... Kent is quitting his job to go bike pack in New Zealand at the start of twenty four. 

I mean dude… Holy shit. 

That is super cool and makes me feel even more like a square every day.When you think of the commitment and sacrifices to do something like this it is even more impressive. 

A new line was cut which I am positive I rode right past it last ride. it is still brand new and starts right before you get the the half built bridge. Instead of going down close to the water it takes you up and above the bridge pilings. A number of little bridges helped you through along the way.

This avoids all the lower river trails that seem to have been dwindling. I do hope they don't get closed as I will still want to go that way from time to time. That being said the new trail work is incredible, an initial big climb starts it out but quickly you are over the bridge pilings and into a magical little forest for a bit before being spit out with some fun descents and then bam-o. You are back on the main trail. 

The trails were very quiet which was great. We started mid morning and assumed the crowds would be out in the afternoon.

I know the Fort Saskatchewan rides happen a lot and blend together but this one was quite special. 

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