Friday, February 16, 2024

Beer Friday. Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Substantially Complete

 First week complete and it is Friday. A real Friday again unlike all those other fake Fridays if you know what I mean. Big level meetings are being had at Lonebiker headquarters this weekend with the executives  to come up with a schedule of Beer Friday as things have drastically changed. I have a feeling that the reviews will happen whenever the moment is right. There is no chance every Friday we will be reviewing like wayyyyyyy back in the olden days. 

Blind Enthusiasm who are located in Edmonton in the Ritchie area and have been around since I have no idea when. Aargh.. that kind of drives me crazy when they don't put the year of inception on their 'about us' section of their website. 

Is this because they don't have a leg to stand on longevity wise compared to all those European breweries? 

Deep down I am not mad. I'm just upset at all these new breweries. Come on guys… At least they are not exclusively on Facebook or Twitter so I give them props for that.

The pour featured a cork pull after the cap was pulled and I stepped back and took a drag from my tobacco pipe and went "classy." Seriously pretty cool guys. The pour was a nice golden slightly dirty looking one. This one has been fermented for three years and most likely comes with an acquired taste.

Mixed fermentation beers are a mixture of wheats and microbes unlike most beers which are a single strain so I have read on the inter webs. This is the kind of beer that I assume takes a lot of work to produce so maybe that's why they didn't have tine to put the year the brewery opened up on their website. 

It smelled of a very dark fruit kind of beer. I am a bit plugged up so that is all I can give you, the fermentation is definitely there taking whiffs of this one. This one smells like an adventure. It had a shocking first sip but we quickly got into it quickly and a heavy soured and bad beer was going down in the tester lab. Yes it's sour but it is quite nice with notes of grapefruit  and a slight note of McCains heavy garlic curly fries. Definitely dark fruits are in the mix as well. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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