Thursday, February 15, 2024

Almost ten years

It has been almost ten years when some pig bellied alcoholic narcissistic douche factory from St Paul and I parted ways and I was away from the confines (so I thought at the time) of Monday to Friday and figured I would try my way up north and do real Albertan man work and that is what I did and oddly fell in love with it. The camps, the long rotations and having a week or two off every month was pretty sweet. 

Especially after the burnout for working for French Canadian twatwaffles from cousin loving territory the extreme change in the work I was doing and where I was doing it was just what I needed. The shift work was great but it drastically kicked me right in my bike nuts especially coming off a night rotation which I seemed to do a lot of. 

The ride tonight was boring and prompted as I should have been starting nightshift tonight if I was still doing what I was doing for the last (almost) six years. A week of days, then off, a week of nights, then off again and so on and so on… Six years of that wore me the fuck out and have been perpetually tired for the last six years. I do believe the job turned me who is somewhat of a recluse into full recluse mode. So who knows what will happen. 

Long live the Lonebiker Brethren.

Amen brothers and sisters. 

The ride was cold and uneventful. I had my spring tights and should have had the winter ones but I knew the wife was downstairs and I thought I could wiggle my cute butt around and help make her life complete, but I knew it was more skintight and thin fabric was what I needed to send her into lonebiker lust oblivion. 

The ride was boring, cold and short but it fuckin ruled because I know where I would be right now if I didn't make this move.

see my tracks!? see my tracks!? guys, i'm so brave


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