Saturday, March 30, 2024

Beer Easter Weekend. The Growlery Beer Co. Vega West Coast IPA

 Well here we are again after kind of a long absence. Let's see now... just how long was it? 

March the second. That really isn't that long ago but we did miss a few so in turn I fired some interns to make me feel better and you know what? It worked. 

The Growlery Beer Company is a local Edmonton brewery with a tap room and is located at the old downtown airport. They have a tap room and the brewery features three core beers  and a ton of seasonal beers. The Vega IPA we have is one of the brewery core beers. 

The website was ok. It had the tap room menu and list of beers but I didn't like how you could not click on a beer and read about it. Should I start rating the websites on these reviews now? That is a super duper idea and this brewery's website gets 2 gigabytes out of 5. 

*holds for no laughter.

Moving on.. let's pour this one. To the Pour room!

It was a noble pour.  Another dirty sunny beer greeted our tester  glass and a one fingered head hung around for a little bit. It had a smell of slight pine with a nod to citrus. When I had the first sip I emitted a loud audible "Wow!"

This might have been the best first sip ever. This one has what I would call a citrus punch to it when you first sip and it's quite amazing and right after that citrus pop is a very nice smooth tasting IPA that makes the taste buds have mini orgasms It has a nice balanced mat flavour to this and could be one of the best IPA's I have had. 

Seek this one out. This could be the all time best beer reviewed on Lonebiker. 

Interns and executives are hugging and crying. This is phenomenal. 

This beer gets 5.5 suds out of 5. 

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