Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Last Roll on the Fatbike?

 An after work roll on the fat bike as a wimpy snowfall let an idea to take the winter bike for one last ride as I assume it won't last long. But you know I don't follow weather forecasts so maybe there is more snow on the way...

I did the Terwillegar loop and crossed the bridge for loop in Oliskew riding mostly multi use with some singletrack sprinkled about here and there. 

I suffered on the climbs and the trails were frozen pocket marked and chattery from frozen footprints. The few usual white people with fancy dogs were sprinkled about and all gave friendly waves. I love that about Terwillegar. It's always on the crappy days when the hardcore Terwillegar dog walkers come out and they are the coolest cause of their understanding of all the trail users. 

It was not a great ride but in the end I felt amazing as this was long overdue.

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