Sunday, March 17, 2024

St Patrick No Legs

A repeat weekend from last weekend making me immediately concerned I was quickly turning into one of those weekend warrior types now that I am a highfalutin Monday to Friday type and all.

Ok did that first sentence make any sense? Cause I'm not sure of what to think doing some quick re-reads.. 

Hold on. I'll read that again slowly. Give me five minutes. Why don't you watch a five minute youtube video while I do a reread. heres one for you.

I said repeat weekend cause it was a repeat weekend from last. A lame late Saturday Leduc Telford run followed by a heavy legged pillow muscled ride this time on the appropriate bike trying to avoid puddles and slop but it was near impossible. 

I was not  happy putting this sweet new bike through this.

The ride from Strathcona High school and across the river via groat road Bridge and then eventually crossed back via the new Walterdale which had an un unusually high number of millennial folk out with their SLR's (yes I do it too) and camera phones (again me) taking pictures of them and that bridge. 

I am still amazed at the attention that bridge gets. It is quite nice, for sure yes. The graffiti has started to take over as expected in the obvious areas making me wonder if this was a free graffiti wall like that one that runs along the LRT tracks along through the seedy stadium district.

Was that the direction of the city on this? A free graffiti wall? Forgive me if it is but if it wasn't, what were they thinking? 

No legs in the ride but I made the climbs so that's all right with me I guess. 

Could be a slow week again. Oh shit I forgot about beer reviews. Were overdue but bikes rule more so we will see. 

potty break 2024, no i didn't ride into this, please don't do that 8pats self on pretentious back..


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