Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Cameron to the Mighty Fort.... Edmonton


I might have mixed up the days on which I planned these rides. I should have done this yesterday and Leduc today to cool down. My thoughts on the drive to Cameron Heights which were kind of proven wrong. I did change destinations mid way through and instead of the planned power line cancer trail I chose Terwillegar gravel multi use cross the river and see where I ended up.

The thought of the climbs out of Whitemud ravine made my decision easier but I was scared of mud and wet spots. Terwillegar was fine but I took a chance on the outer Fort Edmonton riverside trails and there was too much mud for my liking. The tracks through the mud told a different story as it has been ridden quite a bit.

I climbed out and rode through residential back to Powerline and crossed for my fourth river crossing of the day and that ice looked pretty mean so careful out there kids. 

A definite plus factor from yesterdays cold and windy lake run. I need more river valley time. 

too much of this at fort ed. multi use for me

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