Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Not So Straight Around a Couple Lakes


ooh ya baby look at those sexy legs. Ladies and Gents if you start looking at my legs and are having serious thoughts about why you are with your now questionable beloved knowing this little rascal is out and about I have news for ya.

This little rascal is married. 

Oh fuck me guys I'm sorry... I can literally smell the cringe coming off that. It started out as a joke and I don't know what the hell happened but it ended serious. Thats where the self made pet name came from. .

A ride around Leduc which I know all too well. An added bonus of showing exposed skin for the first tine in twenty-four was top notch (see above idiot boys comedy routine.) The backwind pushed me hard and I caught some e-bikers and was Dodge Ramming their ass for a bit cause I didn't have a bell. I backed off and had a potty break to let them drop out of sight.

The ride westward was headwind galore and a tad miserable. Once I got in the trees things were fine and I was inspired to ride around the cool airplane park named after some goofy politician where I think it should be an air force war hero from the Leduc region. 

But hey... I'm an idiot. Just look at the first three short paragraph/ sentences of this post. 

Hopefully more rides will be happening. Be careful of combustibles folks. The fires have already started.  

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