Thursday, May 9, 2024

Cleavage, Country Clubs, Sweaty Saggy Balls

I thought what was a pretty good pre ride package tuck (PRPT) I departed Cameron Heights in search of the Edmonton Country Club which has been fun to passthrough from time to time as I know I am not allowed or wanted there yet it is always so anti-climatic and today once I found it I even got a wave and smile from a golfer in the parking lot.

I rode the steep downhill after passing a sign that read "No Passage through to Footbridge" and felt the most badass that I have been since the last time I rode through the Country Club. It did have a fairly luxurious feeling and the bridge to the first tee (I believe) was quite impressive. 

New to me was the fenced in feeling you get when you are fenced in. Yes it was some sort of golf course storage fenced in to protect the golf club from people rolling through. I remember seeing the fence on previous rides but never put the two together.

Well played Edmonton Country Club... well played.

I ended up forging through trees and found the multi use through... Ugh, let me look it up.

Jan Reimer park. Say whaaaat? I never heard she had a park named after her! Congrats to former Edmonton Mayor Jan Reimer. A lonebiker salute to you fine lady!

The entire ride the boys below drooped lower and lower and were a problem. I had to stop a few times to attempt a 'prpt' but had to find the right area where I knew I was completely alone as a proper 'prpt' will involve one hand fully invested in your genitals with your hand fully inside your shorts. 

On this the day of the cleavage. What the hell was going on? I'm guessing the warm weather.

It would be a terrible site to some poor lady who just wanted to let them breath and comes across some guy straddling his bike with his hand down his shorts roughing up his genitals (aka, moving them up and away.)

Nope. not a good look at all. In the end the ride was top notch despite not feeling one hundred percent. 

Here is hoping for tomorrow.
this hill and those saggy balls were just a terrible combination 

i'm all for bike infrastructure but this a bit ridiculous, am i completely missing something?

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