Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Whitemud Ravine City Splitter Corridor

Based on the biblical type of rain that we had on Sunday I had figured that the trails would be a sopping wet mess so it was another gravel bike spin from Cameron heights and down the Whitemud ravine city splitter corridor as I call it. Does that busy paved trail have a name?

I think my name is pretty bad ass if I say so myself. 

As I said I thought it would be wet and my social media use is rapidly dwindling so I was completely unaware of the dry trails. I mean the Moots has been sitting and waiting for the 2024 debut of the hippest bike since Shaq's Cannondale from the 90's. 

I forced myself to ride this out and back to the LRT as it has some decent climb outs from the bottom of the ravine plus the two valley climb outs which is what I needed as I have been avoiding rides with climbs recently and it's turning into a bad habit. 

The hills were a chore and I was a bit taken back thinking I would be fine for this. Truth is, I wasn't. 

* cue the dramatic music. 

The funny thing is I looked at my Strava and broke all sorts of personal records on this route. It does make sense as I mostly rode this back in the day on my Stumpjumper shit bike. So that vs gravel bike and well...

* cue even louder dramatic music. 

Not a bad ride but not amazing.  Lots of good plans for the week but life is an interruptive jerk. So here is hoping.

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