Sunday, June 16, 2024

Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

 A rather poor attempt at ruling the roost today in Fort Saskatchewan as I was off my game and misjudging rooty climbs followed by immediate toe dabs and swearing at myself like a complete maniac would alone in the woods on Fathers Day "you fucking dildo!" I yelled out loud several times today mad at my shitty riding. 

It was still great. That Fort Saskatchewan trail system just out of Turner park is pretty great boys and girls. How many rides have happened on Lonebiker on this same stretch of trail? And I was riding it regularly prior to being some douche with a bike blog.

It is worth the drive as its easy yet its hard and keeps you on your toes. It has always been the perfect recovery ride destination especially when I was cool and rode in the mountains. 

Anyways, it got better on the return loop for about two kilometres and then I got clumsy. 

That trail 'Train in Vain' has really grown on me and it matured quite nicely. I do remember not being too fond of it at first and most likely complained about it on this here douchy blog. The ride was fine despite the clumsiness. I very high number of Dads out with their kids were out which was quite cool. 

Happy Pops day kids. 

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