Saturday, June 15, 2024

Back Through Cambodia

Hello Cambodia, it's been a while. Finally a mountain bike ride on the beloved Moots where I parked at Goldstick Park disheartened from the puddles in the lot thinking I had brought the wrong bike yet again. 

I rode sad and forlorn down the multi use and decided to see how bad the trails were after another night of storms rolled through. To my joyful smile they were not that bad and Immediately I knew I was going to Cambodia. One of my favourite trails in Edmonton and after today I would say it is easily still in top five for Edmonton trails. 

I stayed away for a while as Imperial Oil were flexing their opulent oil slicked dicks and not letting people through and I don't know or care about their full story. I obeyed and stayed away but have not heard much lately so I decided to roll through . 

Judging by the people on the trail it was fine to be riding and the area is still as amaze as it was the time riding in the 90's. I rode through reminiscing of previous rides through the area and took the low route out and climbed up into the Science park area and took the outer loop singletrack that loops back beside Highway 16 and runs along the bottom of the ski hill. Hold on. I'll get a trail name.

Discuss American politics while you wait..

Holy fuck! Don't do that!

Course-8. Thats the name of the trail. I'd assume it is an acronym for something that I already know about or don't.  It is in the biathlon territory so I assume something to do with that? I climbed out and was tempted by the fun downhills in IOL territory.. The mud looked bad so I stayed away and took the high side out of Cambodia. 

It was short cause of my poor timing but a lot more intense than those gravel bike rides I've been enjoying too much. Had some amaze experiences throughout the singletrack which turned that previous frown upside down.

Yikes... what did I just type. 

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