Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comments are now open , and the Pixies rule

By popular demand comments are now open on this site . It took me a while and many arguements were made with executives in our downtown Chicago office . In the end the board voted and ruled 11-9 in favor of opening the comments .

So yes , you can now tell me how big of a douchenozzle you think I am , but please don`t be too mean I have very thin skin .

Have I mentioned that I love the Pixies ? Those who work with me may have heard me singing this in the shop


  1. Ya, you are a douchnozzle! I don't know why I continue to read your feed, but I want the hours of my life back that you stole from me. My family has suffered at the tole your site has screwed with my head. Oh ya the Pixies suck. LONG LIVE KINGS OF LEON.

  2. thank you for your kind words anonymous . I know who you are and I am now going to terrorize you and your family . police recruits don`t scare me .

    Oh yes , and I too like Kings of leon , I just don`t like guys who ride Giants