Friday, June 11, 2010

Beer Friday . Newcastle Brown Ale

On the eve of England`s first world cup game versus those pesky Americans in South Africa tomorrow afternoon I bring you a beer I have enjoyed before . To be honest this is what my Dad would bring over when he was going to hang out for an evening and I haven`t had one since he died until tonight . Newcastle is one of England`s premier beers with leading sales in the country . Newcastle is ironically brewed by Heineken (you know ....Germany) but started in 1927 in Newcastle Upon Tyne . So far on all the beer reviews this one has the best website by far .

I drank it straight from the bottle as that`s what I did when I had it with my Dad , while he would pour half in a glass and let it sit and warm up , when he finished the half glass he would pour the rest in and slowly finish ....I always thought it was a strange way to drink beer but everyone has their ways I guess . The taste of this beer is really good , almost to the point of being outstanding . It is sweet and almost has a nutty taste with no bad aftertaste . I think I`ll have another ! Go try some of this stuff , it`s available everywhere . Go check out their website which is interactive and has recipes , recommended foods to go with Newcastle , and a guide on how to pour your beer .

This beer gets 5 suds out of 5 .....and yes England will win tomorrow 3-1

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