Friday, August 27, 2010

Beer Friday Hitachino Nest Beer , Japanese Classic ale

Mr Hitachino meet Mr King
Yes , I`m proud of the new bottom bracket (all those who cannot spot the new bottom bracket hang your heads in shame !) Chris King , you are my hero ! .............Well hopefully , we will just have to see how it works yet ....

Hitachino beer which was founded in 1996 was established under the Kiuchi brewery which was founded in 1823 Yes , another brewery that was founded in the late 1800`s.... act shocked ! The Hitachino brand has several flavours that have won several awards world wide , I`m giving the bottle a pat on the back as we speak .

There was an incident tonight as I got home from a dinner out where the test beer sat in the car and got warm . I got home and put it in the freezer , forgot about it playing with my puppies , and the top half froze ! Oh No ! Thus, with that being said , we at Lonebiker Headquarters feel the test may have been compromised with the beer going from warm to frozen in a relatively short time all thanks to some Goddamn Puppies ! But yet , what the hell do I know about beer physics ? On to the test now, First feeling this may be ruined I just drank from the bottle . The smell was something I would compare to alot of European beers , and so was the first taste ......bitter . The beer got better as it went down and I could notice a hint of cedar . It does remind me of the woods somehow .........Oh yes ! the cedar ! This is one beer I could recommend to somebody who would appreciate a different fine brew . I know they would love it ! Just one thing , this one may be hard to find .

This beer gets 3.7 suds out of 5

A Bitter Disappointment

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