Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cold enough for ya ?

guess where , and win a free lonebiker picnic set

Edmonton trying to do it`s Calgary impersonation
 Judging from the title you would think I thought this weather was super gay , well I guess in a way I do . Seeing people in the valley with toques on in August was a little troubling , but then again there were few people down there . ........Hooray for shitty weather !

The route took me from Mill Creek to Capilano via Ewok , back to Gretzky bridge and then up into town for some good old fashioned ETS bus dodging .

can you see the yellow in the trees ? It`s starting ....

I should have just stayed in the valley cause it was just too perfect down there today, I may have mentioned on here how I love the cold weather , but hate the snow . Although the leaves are starting to change , it is still too early for me to start thinking about winter . It was just a cold day , that`s all . This is Canada isn`t it ?

the pool was empty , but why ? ..........Oh yeah , it sucks out there !

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