Thursday, August 26, 2010

I had other intentions for this ride/post .

Carl , and the blue Ibis

 The intentions were good . Dedicate a posting to the bottom bracket that served me well since last May .

Wait a minute ! How lame is that ? Who really cares about bottom brackets ? And seriously , it`s tanked already and it`s only 15 months old ! XTR ? WTF ? Well thank God I ran into Carl with the blinged out Mojo SL . I would have been stuck trying to take shots of the lower midsection of my bike , probably trying to overlook some part of the valley .
Ran into this guy a couple times now and was taken back on how nice his Mojo looked compared to mine . The lucky bastard has an "SL" which stands for "super light" . Or in my case "super lusty".......Is lusty a word ? After a few short kilometres we ran into a couple guys I used to ride bikes with back in the day . Val and Kevin , from the Coast Bicycle Clan , does anyone remember that place ? That was the shop where I started riding . Guy , the owner now runs a sports shop in Fort Saskatchewan .

The ride ended with Val on his way home just off Mill Creek . No pictures for you as I feel a little creepy asking everybody I run into on a mountain bike if I could take their picture . Hopefully soon I will meet up with Carl for a run in good old Fort Saskatchewan . He is off to Afghanistan in a few months with our Armed Forces . For that he get`s a special lonebiker hats off .

yes , I was a little jealous ....

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