Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Gretzky bridge

 Ya , I know . I did this one last night . I rode it backwards tonight so it was all good . As you know riding the same trail backwards is completely different . The night was absolutely spectacular and the people knew it . I had my valley pretty much to myself until 6 p.m , when the floodgates opened and everybody showed up to take advantage of the fine weather ..........Probably cause they knew what`s coming .

On the downside I wore the same jersey three rides in a row now and well that`s just wrong boy`s and girls . The smell has now gotten quite repulsive and the picture above was the reaction I got on the trail . If you were out there tonight I truly am sorry !

Not only was the smell bad tonight . The BB on the couch bike was quite bad tonight and I ended up throwing in the headphones halfway through the ride cause that creakin shit is annoying . the folks above heard me ride by , or maybe they were just listening to this .......

I`m sorry about that................ I truly am !

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