Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riding. Fort Saskatchewan

armed with unicorn socks, and a titanium hardtail. the trails were conquered this morning
 With another strong day of spring wind upon us I spent the morning in Fort Saskatchewan hiding form the wind in the trees. What`s special about today? I finally broke out the beloved Moots. There were, and still are some mechanical issues carried over from last year. Oh what a putz I am! With a bleed kit coming in the mail for the brakes I decided I had to ride that bike anyway. I even got an email with somebody questioning me on what happened to the Moots....And yes, I did see the Moots tree over at Redbike.  That was something special! Go have a look yourselves if you haven`t seen it. I have pictures but haven`t posted them on here as of yet.

trails n bikes = a good life...
As far as the ride went, my legs didn`t seem to want to put out for some reason. So I just took it slow and easy. I could feel the bike wanting to lurch forward underneath me but I sadly was holding back. I still held my lines and stuck to the small hills and log crossings. So in the end. A pretty good ride. Even though I felt exhausted at the end, come on man! Fort Saskatchewan isn`t exactly the hardest place to ride...

An important note for those of you have to urinate in heavy wind outside. Last year I made a guide, have a look here.

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