Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tornado watch?.... Really?

 After hearing the news that a tornado watch is on I thought about cancelling the planned ride. Until I looked outside. Dark clouds? Yes. Tornado like conditions? Sure as hell didn`t seem like it. I went to environment Canada (the website, I didn`t actually drive there. Come on! Jeez!) and they said conditions were favourable for weak funnel clouds that would be laughed at hard if they actually appeared.

So, I went riding in the rain. Yes, it was truly grand! I will admit I do get cranky if the rain is persistent for a long time and I can`t get sufficient singletrack time. If you were reading this last Summer you would know the rain did tend to get on my nerves, and I ended up bitch slapping Josh Classen when I saw him on Whyte ave (on a rainy Saturday no less).

some clouds clearing up over Victoria golf course

The rain did not fall hard at all and did not even warrant me having to put on my rain gear. I saw no funnel clouds or tornados, and was sad cause I could not laugh at them and their ineptness as instructed to do on the environment Canada website.... In the end. It was a pretty kick ass bike ride. Hooray!

take that religion! 

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