Friday, August 9, 2013

Beer Friday. Odin's Tipple

A special treat! It was an otherwise quiet Friday, a day spent frolicking with ones dogs when this strapping young lad showed up at my door. The dogs went running and hid under my bed and I knew our guest beer reviewer was here! Welcome to the thelonebiker beer review archives. A man who needs no introduction: Tyler Simonson, a man with so much beer knowledge it radiates straight out of his beer infused heart. As I introduced him earlier I have sat back and listened to his stories and wept when I felt inferior to the knowledge of this man. 

Odin's Tipple from Norway, a beer that is filtered with the ashes of burnt churches (they were famous for that in Norway). What makes this special is the old school style of brewing this beer comes from. Way back in the 1600's. All the ingredients are mixed together In a single barrel, the top of the barrel has a piece of rope nailed to it, the rope is then dipped in yeast, and then the barrel is nailed shut with the bones of weaker men. 

The pour was done with me yet again hiding in the shadows of another human doing the pouring, that would be Tyler. A thick black oily residue emitted itself from the bottle, we swear we heard screaming. This stuff is 11% people! The smell of dark fruits hiding from the evilness this one possesses makes me glad I'm not one of the weaker men they chose to be the special ingredient in this particular brew. We hear those who can't finish a full glass get chosen for harvest. The first taste had myself cringing. Yet slowly it grew on me, much like that of a great Enrique Iglesias record ( Tyler just punched me square in the jaw). The fruits, roasted almonds and hops showed themselves in a way only a true beer can. This stuff has a flavour that only one true beer geek can adore, and Tyler showed me the light. Let it be known, sweater vest poetry types. This beer is not for you, you shall be hunted and you will be the next harvest. In the end our faces are numb, the fear is gone, yet fruity, nutty craft beer goodness abides, yet we wonder? This is from the 1600's. Why are we so accustomed to beer that doesn't taste like beer. Why does every new beer have to have the least calories? Why does everything need to add 'lime' or 'iced tea' to the label to gain sales, when perfection has been reached centuries past? Well put Tyler... Well put.

This beer gets 4 suds out of five
Tyler gives it a 7 out of 5 suds due to the fact that your standard LED light is not visible through this brew until you drink it down to about 1/4 inch.

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