Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ball Abuse Saturday

A mid morning going into afternoon long ride followed by a meet up and fire is sure not a bad way to spend a Saturday. The ride started at Cloverdale bridge parking lot and went west to the Fort Edmonton footbridge and beyond after crossing. A new line of singletrack that I never seen before went along the river towards Cameron Heights. I was truly smitten, but also quite hungry and with no food packed as I left the camelback and camera at home in place of a new Iphone for photo opportunities I was forced to turn back.

The valley was busy today but the singletrack was quiet which was fine with me and my raging misanthropy. The ride hit Mackinnon on the way back for the first time... Well, most of the trails ridden today were the first official ride of two fourteen. There is something special about Mackinnon, just cant quite put my finger on it, besides the incredible singletrack of course.

My special man parts did not have a good time today as several times they were abused heavily on the trails.  The proper clothing was worn keeping all things "tucked in" properly as they should although I could only assume my body did the 40 year old man ball drop a bit early and there was unnecessary seepage. A couple times I had to pull over, get off and wheez as that pain went from my scrotum up into my stomach. It's tough being a guy sometimes boys and girls.

Besides the testicle abuse the ride was another incredible one. As the leaves and flowers bloom I get nervous thinking about allergies kicking in ruining my Summer of riding. I thought I felt that happening today but it was washed away on climbing the hills leaving Hawerlak heading towards Fort Edmonton. I saw the steam train today which made me all giddy as the inner train geek in my what should be virgin infused body. Trains are awesome, but bikes are still way cooler (hence, not a virgin, and I have the children to prove it!). The ride ended at the Jeep where I drove straight to Kinseman for a late may picnic/ fire.

cruisin towards the nicest footbridge this land has to offer
ye old watering hole (the riding packless edition)

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