Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Wandering (aka lame but better than a couch)

The end result of no real plans on where to go. Knowing it would be very wet I planned on moving up into the city but had no idea where I wanted to end up, that is dangerous lonebiker riding kids! I even had no idea where I wanted to ascend up into the great city. How sad.

Eventually I planned on an LRT crossing and then a High Level visit and soon I would be getting chased by buses and lifted truck nutted pick ups. Oh what a day this would be! Once across the LRT bridge I was met with barrier after barrier as the firework display had everything shut down in the Kinseman area.

Well sheeit..

Finding my way downtown, again I didn't know where to go.I saw lots of people wearing Canadian flags and that sadly reminded I owe the government some money.

I made my way back into Mill Creek and the ride ended. Not a big write up, maybe the GPS tracking and pics can hopefully tell a better story on an otherwise lame ride.

when trees attack. story at eleven
i say we sneak in here one year during the fireworks, who's with me?
finally a way into town, oh hey victoria, how have you been?
she's coming along nicely boys, wait! no taylor hall now? ugh...
sure there is a story here somewhere
spot the new bridge and win a lonebiker s&m kit

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