Sunday, January 15, 2023

Beer Friday. Eighty Eight Brewing & Chartier, Sugar Shack II

Yes we cannot figure out how to use Roman numerals on a Mac computer so the title of this review is not properly representative of what Eighty Eight Brewing and Chartier had in mind and for that I am sorry. Instead you got a couple of 'I's' and  am sorry as I have tremendous respect for this great French restaurant known as Chartier which we have right here at home in Beaumont. 

Which kids, is a tremendous delight. The history of Beaumont restaurants since we moved here in two thousand and five has not been great. A highlight in living in Beaumont in the early two thousands was when the Boston Pizza opened. Good Lord you had never seen a town fall head over heels over a new restaurant like that before. It was like the allies liberating a small village and the villagers crowding the allied soldiers. The town had gone insane Myself included. 

Then along came Chartier. A very charming French restaurant with now nationwide fame in magazine top ten lists for amazing food and it never disappoints. Now the restaurant scene in town is fine for the size it is with Chartier being the King.  Eighty Eight Brewing out of Calgary had teamed up with Chartier to what I imagine was to make the most French Canadian beer ever described as a blueberry grunt dessert stout with Canadian maple syrup being a feature. Yes I would say very Quebecois. 

We poured into our Way Gretzky glass as we anticipated a great beer and it wa properly poured into the great ones mug, know what I am saying? 

A pour happened and it was a truly glorious lonebiker beer pouring experience. A dark looking mean spirited beer filled up the glass but its appearance was not what you expected it to taste like. This one is quite sweet and it did take a bit to warm up to but once you get into it it is very enjoyable. A rush of rich dark chocolate toffee with a maple undertone made this beer what they intended it for, to be treated as a desert. 

Yes it is heavy and I would not recommend more than one. It is a nice beer to have after dinner which essentially what this is for me and it is perfect. It is a taste explosion so be forewarned and I could see it being an issue with some chumps. Book a spot at Chartier and have one of these for desert. Think I might do that before they are gone. It's pretty cool having an amazing restaurant just up the road from us.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 


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