Sunday, December 31, 2023

Best Rides of Twenty Three

Not a lot of additional kilometres added on this year despite the addition of a brand new bike that likes to eat up the mileage. I had seventy nine rides for a total of 1248 kilometres. Oddly enough I thought I hit a lot more mileage back in the good old days of post work rides but the mileage even back then was close to what I have been hitting on these 12 hour days switching from nights to days monthly.

The highlight of the year was easily the purchase of the gravel bike and first rides that quickly ensued and it was amazing but the Moots did take over as the creme de le creme of Lonebiker riding lore yet again. The fat bike took a big step back in twenty three after the rear hub blew up. We now still do not have any proper snow yet and it is New Years Eve making this the longest lasting year ever with no snow. 

#5 Best Little Rip Ever.  Click the link

A return to the mountain bike after a much deserved love affair with the new Octane One and tired trips to Fort Saskatchewan. A nice reminder that I could still climb those vast hills of the Edmonton river valley with no problem. *thinks of the mountains, sheds a tear. 

#4 Concordia or Die.  Click the link

A great ride which was highlighted by seeing my daughter on a break at her university midway. It was easily one of the best moments of the year having a mid ride coffee break with my girl who will most likely have a statue of her outside once she graduates as she owns Concordia university. The singletrack pre and post meet up was incredible. 

#3 Falling Pigeons and other Gungudin. Click the link

A ride meet up with Kent on what has been an insanely warm winter and this day in mid to late November had unreal weather resulting in some of the most amazing conditions probably in the history of all my rides. I will never forget the way the valley felt especially at the time of this picture. The day featured a pigeon falling right in front of me from a hawk who eventually was hiding up in a tree. A good proper meet up with my boy Kent was had  which added to the singletrack amaze. 

#2 The Drop Bar years begin Click the link

The second ride on the new bike in Fort Saskatchewan was one I thought about lots at work afterward throughout the year as it was incredibly special. I took Turner Park and rode the paved to the cancerous refineries and beyond. I had just had a big ride the day prior on this bike which was even more incredible. The drop bars on this bike had (well still does) me enamoured in how cool of a feeling it was  combined with the zippy fast feeling the bike gives.

#1 Redeemer  Click the link

Number one for a reason. New bike, first ride. The epitimy of win win. The eye opening and some would say jaw dropping realization into what I just bought came into fruition quickly as I took this black beauty throughout Edmonton with Lana Del Ray's new alum on the headphones. The way the bike lurched ahead with each pedal stroke was a super cool feeling and reminded me of the Moots. Bob and Doug even approved and in the end I was starstruck. 

Basking in That Terwillegar Glow

A rather amazing after work ride on the wonderful Moots which carried its weight through the singletrack. I have started gaining power after...