Friday, April 1, 2011

Riding.Mill Creek-Capilano

you know your in Edmonton when...
if you really love your bike, I recommend staying away for a bit
 A nice day for a ride....Well sort of. As you can expect the trails are absolutely nasty. With a stiff upper lip (thank you AC/DC) I travelled slowly from puddle to puddle, icy slush sprayed up and greeted me in my face. The melt does seem to be getting into full swing...finally. Mill Creek will be interesting to see how it handles the influx of water from all the heavy snow we had this year.

The valley was quiet today as anyone who may have ventured down there would have quickly turned back (Unless they had water wings). I forgot mine at home but sucked it up and braved it anyways. If you could just pat your monitor right now it would be the equivalent of patting me on the back. Thank you. The upside for today was the studded tires should be coming off. Actually, is that a good thing? I never had studded tires before. Is there some sort of ceremony, a right of passage, if you will? When it comes to the taking off of my studs, I guess I am completely lost.

an attempt at riverside golf course trail

 It`s time for a Sabbatical
the fun drivetrain killing sandy wetness can wait

This may be the last ride for me for a little while. As much fun as it is to slosh through wet slushy snow inherently killing my drivetrain. I am going to do some bathroom remodelling in an effort to score brownie points with my lovely wife. I figured this is the worst time of year to ride so...

So the posting may slow down as the ride reports may cease. I may get out a couple times but who knows. With me going back to work on Sunday, my next set of days off will be set for the big remodelling job. So you can expect a post or two on how not to redo tile in you shower. Or, who to call after a major plumbing disaster. Ha ha ha ha, I kill me!

what I`m hoping the finished project will look like

Fort Icekatchewan

 Some sketchy moments today as it seemed to be a bit icy and then it transitioned to super sketchy icy as I started in Turner park and made ...