Sunday, June 5, 2011

A fine late afternoon roll through the Ft S.K

some of the best potty break`s come from riding
this little bridge used to go up
After realizing the lawn was too wet to work on and fretting around the house wondering what to do as I wanted to ride in the evening, I packed up the bike and headed down to my favourite little place this side of the world.

The trails in Fort Saskatchewan were a welcome relief to doing yard work and I took it easy and just cruised through them. Hey! It`s Sunday. It`s time to relax, and what better way than here.

The beauty of Fort Saskatchewan is one could head down and take it easy. Yes, there are lot`s of challenging trail features that would warrant an "OH SHIT! I`M NOT RIDING THAT!" from somebody who doesn`t ride the "good stuff" as I like to call it. After a few trips and a few crashes on those pesky log crossings, or those abrupt climbs that seem to come from nowhere. I think one could get used to riding there. As far as anaerobic level`s go, I would think it`s easy as pie. It is after all, the place I usually ride after a rough day in the mountains with legs of jelly, and myself and others alike could handle it just fine.

The ever changing river valley has now taken it`s sights on the section of trail close to the boat launch. I wrote on here last summer that it looks like it`s going to fall in. That`s too bad as this was a pretty badass section that featured a little bridge, and some challenging hills that you have to navigate cleanly to not fall in the river. I rode with a guy a few years back that fell off and just about went swimming. Now it seems like the whole trail is going underwater. So if you head down to Fort Saskatchewan in the next week or so, ride with speedos and some inflatable arm floats.

getting closer to the river
might need to trade the bike for some climbing gear...

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