Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Riding. Mill Creek- Dudley B Menzies

Second in a row through the incredibly poor conditions. I had second thoughts quickly into this one as my legs were soaked a kilometre in. I kept going and it turned out to be quite worthwhile. Yes the trails are in deplorable conditions right now but the weather was beckoning and called me out. 

The smell of pot was evident in a few areas of the valley. Ahhh... Spring! Again I wondered why people would come down to the river valley and do drugs... Wait a minute. I'm now going to go slam my head in a car door for thinking something so stupid. Why do people do drugs in the river valley? I guess the countless places to hide could be a warranted reason. Whatever. It's good to have that smell back cause I know the seasons are changing. 

Other than a few pot smokers and getting yelled at by a native lady. It was a pretty uneventful but great ride...

if you venture into singletrack, this happens

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