Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dirt Night Untracked

the empty spot where my gps usually sits has been replaced by my tears
Riding without a GPS is really a shitty thing to have to go through, I have had bike computers which gravitated to GPS units pretty much my whole riding life. There has been the odd time where I was forced to ride sans bike computer (some of you might remember those) and it sucked not knowing anything. With advancements in GPS technology ride tracking is all that much better. Seeing the rides mapped out with elevation gain/ lost is incredibly cool. We are spoiled with this technology because everything is awesome right now and nobody seems to be happy about it. Yes, Louis C.K had a good point.

Thinking I had forgot the GPS at home on this weekends mountain trip I realized it was missing when I got home. The aggravating thing is I know it's in the house or hope it is. I have been bad with losing things and proved it in this post back in Winter. So I will wait a few days till it turns up, no budget for a new one right now anyways. Chances are it will turn up right after the purchase of a new one.

The ride from Mill Creek to Capilano bridge and back on the north side was real good. Pavement was avoided like the ebola virus and I hit every great new and old trail from Bird House to Rolling Below Rowland. Seeing a couple middle aged men putting on their clothes all sweaty as they came out of the bushes made me glad I wasn't riding by there five minutes earlier and reminded myself why I am not a big fan of my wife going down there alone. There's some weird shit that goes on in that valley.

So with no GPS here are what my ride stats would reflect from tonights ride:
98 KM ridden (damn, co close to 100!)
6400 feet of vertical climbing
17.4 MPH average speed.

Seriously, if you know where my GPS is stop being jerks and return it already.

why do people do this? seriously!
why does the city do this? seriously!

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