Saturday, February 7, 2015

Poutine, Riding, and Burgers for the Win

 Is poutine the food of the God's? Yes! Are good burgers at the food forefront when it comes to wanting to induce a bound, tied up and determined taste orgasm? Oh God yes!

Now you see folks. This is why I cannot for the life of me shave off that cute chunk of belly blubber that shakes awkwardly when I run down the stairs and probably never will.

Thank you God for mountain bikes.

Without those amazing inventions that belly blubber  that we talked about would probably be much more grandeur. Like a baseball stadium or a killer whale.

The ride starring Kent started in Henrietta Louise park where we headed East and down below on the lower Ewok trail. The trail was used but the fresh snow hadn't been packed down too much yet. It was tough slogging. My upper body felt the struggle near the end after fighting to keep the front end on track and ride straight. In the video below you could see the fight to keep the front wheels on track.

We exited out of lower Ewok and elected to stay on the Riverside trail which too, was not heavily used and we suffered yet again. The trails were rideable like yesterday for the most part. As long as you didn't have to climb, things would be ok. With it being cold today, the snow was not too friendly in the way of traction. Am I wishing for warm weather again? Nope. I love this cold weather and all the fresh snow it brought us.

Riverside 1 from sherijumper on Vimeo.

Once out of Riverside we retreated to the plowed paved trails to Capilano... Wait a minute! did we retreat from the singletrack to ride paved trails because it was too tough! Oh no! We are not mountain bikers, we are a slight step up to one of those guys who has an electric motor on his bike and calls himself a cyclist!

Meh, it was tough out there.

So the paved and plowed was fine. Considering Kent rode all the way from Terwillegar to meet me at Henrietta Louise. After thinking for a moment on how awesome he was and nuts at the same time. The tough snow infused singletrack took it's toll on everyone. Seeing all the other fatbike tracks on the paved made me feel a bit better. A bit...

A lunch break at Capilano was the last highlight of the day where three other older gents out for a ride hung with us for a bit. I seriously hope I'm that cool when I'm older is all I have to say.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we rode through a busy Kinniard park off leash dog area where literally everyone who had a dog was awesome. It is the cold weather that keeps the dumb people away and brings the more seasoned river valley visitors are out. Hence awesome dog folk.

I love you cold weather, stay a bit longer.

The ride ended at Deluxe Burger Bar (not our first choice) but was awesome anyways. Kent paid for the unemployed slob and the unemployed slob was ever so grateful. Incredible poutine, beer,  and burgers was had, thus ending a great ride.

the river valley being it's old self, that is awesome
out of order! seriously edmonton? 

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