Friday, February 6, 2015

Release The Fatbike!

After a generous dumping of snow all day yesterday that went into the night. I knew it was going to be madness out there, and madness it was. The trails were very well covered all thanks to the blizzard which shortened the ride in kilometers ridden as I had to power through lots of unplowed trail.

Today was another victory for the 9Zero7. Where I ventured was pretty awesome in terms of riding through shit conditions. Could it be done on my old Winter bike? I would say yes, as I remember riding through fresh snow all smug like wondering why people ride fat bikes. It is just more fun on these bikes because your confidence is that much higher. Plus you get to stare at that hilariously big front wheel which is worth the whole fat bike experience right there.

From my old starting point in Mill Creek to the doomed Walterdale bridge. Wait a minute...! Both bridges I rode across today are doomed! Weird! Normally I would have planned this out and focused the ride and blog post around it and given this post the name "The Doomed Bridge Ride" or something dumb like that.

My editor just whispered into my ear "you started at Mill Creek and rode to Walterdale. What's so fucking weird about that you dumb dick!" I agreed and chalked it up as a coincidence. You will probably see this in the Summer though as I see a potentially good but shorter ride stemming from this idea.

Some singletrack was ridden today but once the trail started to go up it was all over and I was walking. It was an awesome feeling plowing through uncharted territory today and I was really wondering about my tires. Would a Surly Lou or 45 North Vanhelga have gotten me up those hills today? I have my doubts but still wonder... Something to think of for next year. You know. When I'm working.

i love making fresh tracks
seriously dude, i love making fresh tracks, its the bomb
some people in mill creek have made a tribute to sperm, its quite touching

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