Monday, June 29, 2015

33 KM of Awesome

On a day I thought the weather could have screwed things up I sucked it up and took the couch bike out on a day I knew I needed a hardtail (or so I thought).

The hardtail is always the perfect companion on wet weather rides when taking the wet weather routes. It's fast and loves the multi use trails. In fact. The multi use trails are the hardtails crack cocaine when it comes to wanting to open things up and let-er rip.

With the hardtail being out of commission as I figure out what to do I took the Altitude instead. I decision I don't like on wet and rainy days. I did have a hunch things would still be incredible and a full suspension bike would make things fun.

It appears the hunch was right.

The ride started in Capilano park. I crossed the bridge and rode the Pedestrian to Capilano multi use to see how wet things were. I exited out of Capilano and rode up to Ada just so I can drop in  on Snakeback and get back to the valley where I belong.

The thought's on the trails at that moment? tacky and relatively dry.

Lets go to Mackinnon!

I stayed on the North side until Mackinnon. I rode up to the top of Mackinnon on the easy side and came back through the goods. The roots were very dicey with the wetness so it made the trip down all that more eventful.

Lower Ewok, Caddyshack, Andre's were all ridden to finish up an incredible ride. The last three trails from Caddyshack on were out of this world incredible today.

In fact, the whole ride was incredible. From the amazing trail conditions (despite root slippage of course) to the cooler weather combined with a nice gentle light rain made everything perfect. Even the branches on the trail soaking me seemed to be the valley's way to tell me "Sorry about the weather, let me help you cool off."

This ride will easily be top five at the end of the year. Probably the best so far of twenty- fifteen.

well.. all that amazing trail talk and i come across this bullshit on the lower kinsman (former canada cup) trail
potty break after a trail miscue on roland 

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