Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Curse of the Orange Adidas Jersey

If you ever see me in the valley and I am wearing this orange Adidas jersey be forewarned. I'm probably having a bad day.

For whatever reason, I seem to be wearing this when things don't go as planned.

Oddly I wore it today on a planned long ride that would hopefully be exceeding the fifty kilometre mark. In this hot weather it was a bit of a gamble but my route was planned and I was ready. "What could go wrong?" I thought. "If it's rough, I'll just slow down, no big deal."

I knew the jersey history and wore it today in spite thinking things like athlete superstitions are just plain stupid. Yep, you read that right. I think I'm an athlete!

Anyways, moving on...

The Moots is in dire need of brake modifications. I knew this a while ago but stupidly kept pressing on. Yep, I don't deserve to ride this fine bike. Today the problems were clearly evident and I threw the towel in on today's long ride.

No more Moots till things are fixed. I'll just go ahead and blame the jersey.

It was the jersey's fault for not taking proper care of my dreambike.

The ride was short and extremely hot, I didn't make it to Cambodia as planned with a return trip to Patricia Heights on a figure eight loop using the doomed Cloverdale bridge as my middle point. It would have been awesome.

Oh well, stupid Adidas jersey...

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