Friday, December 25, 2015

Beer Christmas Day. Saugatuck Brewing, Gingerbread Cookie Ale

Merry Christmas knuckleheads. Welcome to the Christmas day edition of Beer Friday. Yes. Our third beer review done in a row.

You ask why I am making everyone work through   Christmas. I answer with mind your own damn business. If my interns, beer pourers and executives didn't have this job they would be screwed. Things are tough out there and I'm gonna take advantage of that!

Tonights beer comes from the makers of the beer advent calendars which I think between you and me. Are quite dumb and a complete waste of money. When I spend $180 for twenty four beers that I could not choose and have no input as to their entry into my house I will be kind enough to let you know I completely lost my fucking mind.

Well in a way I did lose my mind when I saw the Craft Christmas day beer  which had instructions to only be had on Christmas Day.

Yes, they had me at Christmas Beer.

The twenty two dollar price tag was where the merchant at Sherbrooke could not keep a straight face whilst ringing it in. My only saving grace which was my rebuttal was it came with a free glass. I mean you can't go wrong with a free glass right?

Saugatuck brewing located in Douglas, Michigan. A quant town of about twelve hundred people has been in business since two thousand and five. Another great microbrewery equipped with a Pub. Do I cross the line when I say the world needs more of these kind of places?

The pour was one of the most exceptional pours done all year. It held absolute supremacy over all the other beer pours done this year. A two fingered head stood atop a dark red beer that emanated everything awesome about Christmas. Tears were shed on the beer pour floor that's for sure. A smell of gingerbread was rich from this holiday special making me wish Christmas could just start all over again.

The first sip delivered what was indubitably promised. Gingerbread was the main flavour, that and it was mixed in with caramel. Some spiced hops were there as well to add to the fun. In the end you could say this is an average Christmas ale. It has it all for Christmas time and for the $22 price tag for the best day of the year. I'd say it is worth it.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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