Monday, April 17, 2017

A Doofus and His Fat Bike

With the ground conditions at home being quite snowy I used that as a barometer as to what bike to ride. Lots of snow equaled fat bike. "I'LL RIDE MULTI USE AND PAVED ON THE FAT BIKE! OH BOY! I exclaimed to my dogs watching me get ready for the ride. The white dog looked at me like I was an idiot.

Sadly, he's the dumb one in the family. He falls off the couch licking the patch where his balls used to be quite regularly.  And he knew better as to what bike to ride today.

Way to go Lonebiker.Way to go...

Nevertheless, it was a good ride today. Sadly hardly a trace of snow was had other than the mellow descent into Laurier Park. Well the melting snow mixed with mud did a number on the old sexy bright blue riding shorts. Laurier was it's usual self. Dog walkers and high school kids smoking pot ruled the roost. I high fived a group of them and sped away hoping they wern't running me down to steal my phone.

Could this finally be the last fat bike ride of the season? I'm not calling it on this here blog anymore.

traces of snow but wet gravel riding in mackinnon

potty break in an alley, heck ya

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