Saturday, February 16, 2019

More Trail Pussification, Frozen Face and a Kickass Dog Named Rü

A meet up with Kent and his new buddy. A soon to be full out trail dog named Rü. The ride was planned on being a shorter one and it lived up to the hype. The cold weather is starting to wear us down, not gonna lie. On top of that I had shaved a glorious beard that would have made any mountain man proud of my bearded locks. I have to do it for work sadly. Fort Mcmurray is calling again.

We started from his place and dropped into Firemans. That is where we saw just what kind of ride this was going to be. Sugary loose snow that was unpacked from lack of traffic threw us around in a very annoying fashion.

The steeps were taken very precariously and I ended up walking down the big one. I'm sure if I still had a beard I would have ridden it, sadly like Samson from the bible I'm just not the same person once shaved. Kent rode it of course with Rü in close quarters. Was there ever any doubt?

We rode Logawhatever the fuck it's called, ten times a better trail in the Winter and then Flat Pete. The pace was slow with glasses fogging up and the trail disappearing causing a few run offs. We hit the famous dip and I remarked on the number of spots it looked like people had trouble from what the snow was telling me.

That's when Kent told me about the new cheat line. "Say what!?" I bellowed back.

People have built a trail to avoid the small switchback (is it even a switchback?) and dip that made the trail famous. Not a huge deal cause the original trail is still there but I was irritated quite badly. I really hope this isn't the work of mountain bikers. Flat Pete is not a hard trail in the slightest degree and it is too much for some. Sad...

The ride ended after BDSM and the multi use back up to the top. Wait a second... How has BDSM retained it's name in these ultra pussified sensitive times?

The world needs more Kent's. The world need more Rü. The world needs less social media.

this shit right here drives me mad, original trail to the left, ultra pussies to the right, was happy to see
not a lot of bike tracks on the pussified way.

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