Friday, January 24, 2020

Best Rides in Lonebiker History. Honourable Mentions #1

This set off of work was spent tediously going through the entire blog and pulling rides that would fit into the best and the worst of the last ten years of riding and blogging about it. I ran through the entire blog three times scanning and reading and remembering the awesome rides that transpired and are now etched into bad writing mixed with a few pictures.

So to begin the top lists of rides in Lonebiker history. Starting with the honourable mentions. I called them stragglers in the original title but these were quite incredibly awesome. Some of the best rides of the last ten years coming at ya in the next week. With some of the worst to help balance it out of course.

With so many amazing rides I had to throw up a couple posts with some honourable mentions now didn't I? No order for the honourable mentions, as mentioned I will post the best of throughout this workweek.

Terwillegar and Some New Trail Cherry Popping < click the link

The first official ride with Gord and Jason. I had ridden with them before on individual rides but this was the start of the brethren we all know and love today.  They introduced me to Breathless trail which was exciting at the time but now it sits (as I thought it would one day) overgrown and shitty. I did hear rumours of people still riding and maintaining it so maybe its fine now. I should explore now shouldn't I? Well maybe I'll wait till next set off or the Spring.

An After Work Dual Trip < click the link

The first official ride with Kent. "With no Kent there is no brethren!" were the words an enraged Lonebiker executive shouted at last years Christmas party. I agree with that executive even though I fired him for yelling at the party and startling my wife. We worked in an Albertan oilfield manufacturing shop and Kent was a breath of fresh air in a world full of guns, quads, titties, trucks and anything else rednecky. An instant connection was made at the time with the jack of all trades on anything cool you could do outside and he did lots. I like to think I'm responsible for his main focus on the outdoors now being bicycles.

58 Kilometres of Pure Wickedness! < click the link

A solo ride on the famed Ibis. This ride should be top ten. This was right after throwing new wheels from Industry Nine on and some sweet Hope brakes. Man life is weird, I make way more money now than I did then and I spend nothing on bikes anymore. Oh well. I'm happy. Not as happy as this ride, I still think back to riding through the Canada Cup trails with those new noisy I9 wheels. Say what you want about noisy wheels, I think they are pretty great.

Saturday Snow Stomp < click the link

An amazing roll with Jason on a snowy Saturday. We had lots of these epic Winter excursions back in the day. I remember the warm up breaks in the river valley bathrooms were a thing. This was my first full season on a Winter bike and I was drinking the proverbial fat bike Kool aid quite quickly.

Basking in That Terwillegar Glow

A rather amazing after work ride on the wonderful Moots which carried its weight through the singletrack. I have started gaining power after...