Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Worst Rides of 2020

 Thankfully these rides can be rare but they sadly do happen. The worst rides of 2020 below.

5. The Y.E.G <Link

I remember this one being close to 20 or so kilometres which usually doesn't warrant a shit ride but this one felt gross. Was it the Edmonton getting to me? The pandemic? or was I pouting because work was getting close. Got lucky with some decent pictures at least. Oh listen to me brag like a diva. 

4.Jeeperz is Still Half Empty <Link

Oh nightshift. You dirty little bitch you... That bedraggled feeling mixed in with that approaching July muggy heat. A classic lonebiker ride ruiner. Some real top notch writing there comparing my body to a half empty gas tank is what makes this blog killer.

3. The Jelly Leg High Heat Low KM's World Championships <Link

Was I coming off nights on this one too? I remember standing by a tree in Dawson Park texting selfies to my family with heavy emphasis on how hot I was. That was sadly my best memory on a pretty lame outing in the Summer stickiness.

2. Oh Glorious Pavement, You Sexy Bitch

This one happened a couple days after the Jeeperz is Still Half Empty Ride. Yes I complain about that dreaded 'July vibe' yet again *cue eyes rolling.  I think if I had known two of my top five worst rides would be on the same set off I would be quite pissy. 

1. A Failed Start to the 2020-2021 Winter Season

Worst ride of the year. Easily. My right pedal fell off on RayGun in the beginning of this one but I was not into this ride prior to the pedal incident. the awkward short ride back on a spindle with clumsy winter shoes was quite miserable.

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