Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Top 5 Rides of 2020

 A year where it seemed things slowed down even more on the riding side of things. Some of the stats for this year:

Number of rides: 73

Solo Rides aka Lonebiker style: 63

Full Brethren Rides: 5

Mr. Steeve's accompaniment rides 5

Kilometres Ridden: 1348

Elevation climbed: 11,631

The best rides starting at number 5 below.. 

#5 Elk Island. Moss Lake. Winter Bike My first riding experience at Elk Island on Christmas Eve. Not satisfying in a singletrack sort of way. Hell no. The awesomeness comes in the experience. Hoping to head out tomorrow (writing this Jan 4) only you in the future will know if I made it. 

#4 A Sunday Evening Brethren Thing A meet up with the fellas on a memorable one on a spectacular September night where that special feeling was just in the air because Summer was coming to an end. 

#3 Pulmonary Archery This one was an unreal ride into the dark on the winter bike. I'm hoping to have a few of these in the next few weeks as we are in the right season. This one had perfect weather, perfect trails and a perfect bike.

#2 Forty Four on 44 It would seem it takes the entire Brethren to coax me into riding the full length of my birthday rides. The only two times it was ridden fully were with them. Some pouting by yours truly in the end as I thought I was done but needing a few more kms was helped as Gord tagged along with me so I could get the 44kms, a top notch move. I think it was 45 and some change in the end. This will sadly end the birthday rides as my work rotation runs over my birthday for the next 6 or seven years or I get another job.

#1 Night Shift We were given the night off as it was slow and I don't think I was ever more pumped than this to ride.  It is usually when I have to much piss and vinegar in me that I blow up about four kms in. Not in this case. The bike ridden? The Moots of course. A seriously unreal ride that will make its way on the all time top ten soon. If not up already. The top ten rides will be linked below beer archives soon as they will be changing out.  

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